Building capacity for conservation by uplifting women.

Conservation Girls is a Conservation Allies initiative driven by women intent on changing the world.

Conservation Girls provides women of all ages and backgrounds opportunities to explore paths in conservation. Our programs include education outreach to schools and community centers, mentorships and scholarships for high school and college students, and guidance for personal and professional development.


Conservation Girls ambassadors are aspiring leaders who are passionate about advancing conservation and eager to build meaningful relationships with other women who have similar interests and goals. Each ambassadorship is unique and designed to help individuals achieve their own objectives.

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Mentors & Workshop Leaders

Are you a conservation professional looking to give back? Conservation Girls mentors and workshop leaders share their knowledge with young women interested in conservation and provide guidance on navigating both college and career paths. Topics presented in workshops or in mentoring sessions include: college prep, resume writing, personal branding, public speaking, networking, workplace etiquette, business communication, and many more. 

Workshop leaders present these topics in a virtual workshop setting, while mentors impart this knowledge in small groups or one-on-one virtual sessions with budding conservationists. 

Interested in becoming a Conservation Girls mentor or workshop leader?